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Marwood Tapered Top Rail Entrance / Field Gate

tapered top rail entrance gateA classic gate design, with chamfering and a semi or fully planed finish.

The hanging stile measures ex.125mm x 75mm, as does the tapered top rail.

It is built for strength as well as elegance.

This gate makes an ideal entrance or field gate.

Available in Soft and Hardwood

Sizes range from 0.9m (3′) to 3.66m (12′). Widths of up to 15’ are also possible.

Softwood will be pressure treated with Tanalith E in natural wood green.

Width per leaf Softwood Tapered Top Rail Gate Code Hardwood Tapered Top Rail Gate Code
3.0 ft TTRSW003 TTRHW003
4.0 ft TTRSW004 TTRHW004
5.0 ft TTRSW005 TTRHW005
6.0 ft TTRSW006 TTRHW006
7.0 ft TTRSW007 TTRHW007
8.0 ft TTRSW008 TTRHW008
9.0 ft TTRSW009 TTRHW009
10.0 ft TTRSW010 TTRHW010
11.0 ft TTRSW011 TTRHW011
12.0 ft TTRSW012 TTRHW012
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