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Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both new and old buildings.

Wood provides a hardwearing, protective layer against the elements, and it is an excellent insulator.

We can supply a wide range of cladding materials in various sizes including;

Softwood PTG&V, Shiplap, Bead and Butt, Hardwood TG&V, Cedar Shiplap, Siberian Larch, Featheredge, Waney Edge and Yorkshire Boarding.

We stock high quality prepared Scandinavian softwood cladding (PTGV, Bead and Butt, Shiplap etc) sourced from northern Sweden and Finland which results in slow grown, high quality timber. It can either be supplied untreated or pressure treated.

The natural durability and stability of western red cedar products have made them a popular choice for shingles and weatherboarding in North America for many years and they are now becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

The rustic nature, durability and versatility of the Waney Edge, Featheredge and Yorkshire boarding makes them a popular choice for projects ranging from garden sheds to agricultural buildings.

Tongue & Groove Lock Wall »

T&G Lock Wall 2m4 x ex50 x 150 Tanalised treated T&G Perfect to make Walled areas, Cabin Components and an alternative to Sleepers. Shorter sections to make transport easier.    

Waney Edge Cladding »

Waney Edge Cladding ex250 x 18 ex250 x 25 Treated or untreated        

Pre Coated Exterior Cladding »

19mm x 146mm (120mm face cover). Unique Tongue & Groove Profile.   Hidden Nail Fixing System. 4 Coat Protection: 1 – UC3 Timber Protection to all Sides & Edges. 2 – Primer Weather Protection to all Sides & Edges. 3 – Paint Topcoat Protection to Exposed Topside & Edges. 4 – Paint Topcoat Protection to […]

Cedar Cladding »

Cedar Cladding  Several Profiles available, TGV, Shiplap, TG Shadow Gap.  Ex150 x 25, Lengths Random and subject to stock.                       

Featheredge Cladding Large »

Large Featheredge Cladding Ex200 x 38 Tanalised Softwood  Usual Stock Lengths – 4800mm Ideal for larger constructions          

yorkshire board cladding Yorkshire Boarding »

Yorkshire Boarding

Loglap Cladding »

Softwood Loglap Cladding Pressure Treated Tanalised ex125 x 25 Rebated Usual stock lengths 4800mm  An attractive cladding giving a Log Cabin effect to your building.           

matchboard beaded tgv cladding Matchboard Beaded TGV Cladding »

Matchboard Beaded TGV Cladding.

matchboard tgv cladding Matchboard TGV Cladding »

Matchboard TGV Cladding.

tanalised softwood shiplap cladding Softwood Shiplap Cladding »

Tanalised Softwood Shiplap Cladding.

tan tgv cladding Softwood TGV Cladding »

Tanalised Tongue & Grooved ‘V’ joint Cladding   

untreated tgv cladding TGV board »

Untreated TGV Board.

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