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Balmoral Convex

Balmoral Convex

The Balmoral Convex entrance gate is a top-quality, solid gate option for your property. Crafted from top quality Scandinavian Redwood, this gate is planed all round with TGV cladding and is available in various sizes of timber for the framework.


You have the option to choose between a Convex or Concave top rail to fit the aesthetic of your property. For those looking for a more durable option, the gate is also available in Iroko Hardwood or accoya.


Additionally, our softwood Balmoral gates are pressure treated with Tanalith E for added protection against the elements. With its elegant design and high-quality construction, the Balmoral Convex gate is a stylish and secure addition to any property.

  • Sizes

    Width each leaf Softwood Balmoral Concave Gate Code Hardwood Balmoral Concave Gate Code
    5.0 ft BCCSW005 BCCHW005
    6.0 ft BCCSW006 BCCHW006
    Width each leaf Softwood Balmoral Convex Gate Code Hardwood Balmoral Convex Gate Code
    5.0 ft BCVSW005 BCVHW005
    6.0 ft BCVSW006 BCVHW006

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