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Solid Oak Flooring

Solid Oak Flooring

Blamphayne Range: 20mm Solid T&G Oak
Stock Solid Oak Flooring 
Tongue and Groove, Squared Edge
Lengths B1001 �  Average 2.0m / Loose 
Lengths B1002 � 500mm � 2200mm / 2.2m2 Pack                                                                                                                                                                                                 Buckingham Range: 20mm Solid European Oak 
Tongue and groove
Micro-beveled on two sides, or square edged 
Lengths range from 800mm to 2200mm*.
Suitable for all over adhesion and gun grade adhesives, see our Adhesives Section.
Unfinished                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Buckingham Range: 18mm Solid French Oak
Tongue and groove 4 sides
Micro-beveled all round
Lengths range from 400mm to 1500mm*
Suitable for all over adhesion and gun grade adhesives, see our Adhesives Section.     Grading:
Prime: Attractive grain, sound knots up to 20mm (20p piece). Maximum of 2 knots per linear metre of board.
Character: Attractive grain, sound knots up to 40mm on face, occasional clusters of small knots (�cats paw�), some filling may be required, good ratio of prime quality boards.
Rustic: As character grade but with a higher percentage of larger knots and natural characteristics, some additional filling may also be required.
A&B: Graded face allows slight to medium colour variation, live knots below 20mm, dead knots below 5mm, dark/black streaks about 3mm x 5mm. Sap 10% of the face area allowed.
C: Graded face allows a natural colour variation, live knots allowed, dead knots below 15mm, dark/ black streaks 5mm x 10mm, putty filler may be used as long as the colour is similar to the overall tone of the wood. Sap 20% of the face area allowed.
D:  As C grade but with knots up to 40mm and up to 30% sap across the face area.
Classic Oak: A B & C grade.
Cottage Oak: C/D grade.
Rustic Oak: A mixture of C and D grades.
*Lengths are for guidance only, due to the nature of this product we cannot specify lengths. While every effort will be made to ensure a good mix of lengths, these goods are supplied as imported and packaged.

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