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Axmouth Belltop

Axmouth Belltop

With its TGV lower section and its open slatted top and sweeping convex top rail, this gate is ideal if you want something elegant and different from the average.


The top rail measures 100mm x 75mm.


Standard sizes range from 0.9m (3’) to 1.8m (6′) per leaf.

Pressure treated with Tanalith E in a natural wood green.



  • What is Accoya?

    Accoya is an exceptional wood that outperforms traditional softwoods and can even surpass the durability of tropical hardwoods. It starts off as radiata pine, a softwood, but is transformed through the acetylation process, making it significantly stronger while still retaining its natural wood properties. 

    Notably, Accoya is non-toxic, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly option for various wood applications.

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