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Larch Cladding

Larch Cladding

Imported European Larch is a highly attractive wood species, it has good physical/mechanical properties making it much sought after for exterior applications such as cladding. Homegrown Native Larch Home-grown British Larch, pale brown to reddish brown, a natural cost effective choice. Slightly to moderately durable generally has more knots than the imported Larch. Available in a range of mouldings, TGV, Shiplap, Shadow Gap, Rain Screen and planed square edged sections. Standard sizes for the cladding is 18mm x 144mm Lengths subject to stock. The larch can be left untreated, or tanalised-pressure treated. (A few examples below) 18 X 144 BB11 T&G SHADOW GAP 18 X 144 BB2 REBATED SHIPLAP 18 X 144 BB1A TGV

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