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Diamond Braced

Diamond Braced

Our most popular gate, with a 4″ x 3″ top rail with a semi planed finish. This gate is ideal for an entrance gate, and strong enough for a field gate.


Height to top of hanging stile is 47″ Height to top of top rail is 44″


Standard widths range from 0.9m (3′) to 3.66m (12′).


Widths up to 15’ are also possible.

Pressure treated with Tanalith E in a natural wood green.


Please phone for availability and price.

  • Sizes

    Width per leaf Softwood Diamond Brace Gate Code Hardwood Diamond Brace Gate Code
    3.0 ft DBSW003 DBHW003
    4.0 ft DBSW004 DBHW004
    5.0 ft DBSW005 DBHW005
    6.0 ft DBSW006 DBHW006
    7.0 ft DBSW007 DBHW007
    8.0 ft DBSW008 DBHW008
    9.0 ft DBSW009 DBHW009
    10.0 ft DBSW010 DBHW010
    11.0 ft DBSW011 DBHW011
    12.0 ft DBSW012 DBHW012

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